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  Posted by: The Probe      25th November 2021

“I was looking for a training course to supplement previous education in soft tissue augmentation. I sought guidance from an experienced surgeon to gain confidence in improving the aesthetic outcome and long-term soft tissue stability – Boota had come very highly recommended.” 

Dr Paul Mulligan of Euston Place Dental Practice reflects on the Soft Tissue Around Dental Implants delivered by Dr Boota Singh Ubhi of BPI Dental Education & Training. He continues:

“I thought the course was very well organised and just the right size to allow periods of one-to-one tuition and promote a good group discussion. The combination of both theory and practical with case discussion over two days was an ideal format. 

“Boota’s experience and expert guidance ensured that even the most challenging procedures were broken down into easy-to-follow steps. 

“The course exceeded my expectations and has improved my treatment planning. The result is more predictable soft tissue outcomes. My aim is to be more proactive now in corrective measures to deal with hard and soft tissue deficiencies. Rather than accepting the compromised outcomes these cases present, I will strive for perfection.”


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