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Colosseum Dental UK welcomes new practices


  Posted by: The Probe      19th November 2021

Colosseum Dental UK is delighted to have welcomed two new dental practices into its family.

These include Firs Dental & Firs Premier in Birstall, Leicestershire, with Drs Raj Gupta and Raj Ghadiali and their team. Colosseum would like to extend a special thank you to team members Jo and Nadine for all their help during the process.

Colosseum Dental UK is just as thrilled to welcome Rodney Dental in Cheltenham and is looking forward to working with Dr Adam Wilson and the amazing team at what is Colosseum’s first clinic in Gloucestershire!

As always, Colosseum Dental UK is very proud to have expanded its family with such high calibre dental practices and we anticipate a bright and prosperous future together as it strives to deliver exceptional patient care in new areas.

For more details about selling to Colosseum Dental UK, or to simply start the conversation, speak to Simon on 07921 876836 or contact


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