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  Posted by: The Probe      20th October 2021

Dr Neil Simkin comments on the innovative new material of ClearCorrect®aligners – ClearQuartz™ – which is a third generation, tri-layer material designed to optimise the patient and practitioner experience:

“The new ClearQuartz™ is a very clear upgrade from the previous material in every sense! The first thing you notice is how much clearer it is. It also has the look and feel of a premium product. It maintains the appropriate rigidity – necessary to engage with the teeth and achieve required movements – but doesn’t feel brittle.

“ClearQuartz™ aligners provides a flexible middle layer that makes the aligner fitting much easier in those difficult early stages. This allows clinicians to consider treating cases where previously aligners simply would not fit due to moderate to severe crowding.

“There also seems to be a reduced need for refinements since ClearQuartz™ was introduced, suggesting a much more reliable treatment outcome. In addition, I am seeing less predictable teeth such as canines and molars respond to planned movements much more reliably.”


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