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  Posted by: The Probe      13th October 2021

Dental anxiety affects more than 10 million adults in the UK,[i] and those affected experience the poorest oral health-related quality of life.[ii]

You can’t cure dental anxiety, but you can make the situation easier to manage.

If you’re interested in ways that you can support your patients, don’t miss the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show Birmingham 2022. This will be just one of the many topics you can learn about and discuss with colleagues. There are also opportunities for enhanced CPD for the whole dental team, as well as a range of internationally renowned speakers to empower and educate.

So, don’t forget to save the date, and we’ll see you there!

The next British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show Birmingham will be held on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May 2022, Birmingham NEC, co-located with DTS.


For more information, visit, call 020 7348 5270 or email


[i] Oral Health Foundation. Income, education and social isolation linked to dental anxiety in new report. Available online: Accessed 18 Aug. 21.

[ii] National Library of Medicine. The association between dental anxiety and oral health-related quality of life in Britain. Available online: Accessed 18 Aug. 21.

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