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Get involved and review your own dental implant practice with Dr Dominic O’Hooley at the ADI Members’ National Forum


  Posted by: The Probe      8th October 2021

The ADI Members’ National Forum 2021 is just around the corner, offering ADI members exclusive access to a dynamic learning programme and the opportunity for important discussions among colleagues.

Dr Dominic O’Hooley will present one of several 20-minute sessions, designed to deliver golden nuggets of information and inspire delegates to explore further. Regarding his lecture entitled “Use of a Novel Implant Design in Synergy with an Alloplastic Bone Regeneration Material in the Anterior Maxilla and Mandible”, he says:

“I’ll be talking about a new type of implant design with an inverted profile being used alongside alloplastic materials for faster turnover into host bone. The technique may be controversial, but I have seen exceptional results so far and the concept is based on solid scientific principles. It’s important for clinicians to be aware of the latest techniques in order to decide for themselves what might work best for them.

“Regarding the ADI, I would encourage all dentists who restore or place dental implants to be members. The ADI Members’ National Forum is an exciting way to get involved, to review aspects of your own practice and to even consider presenting yourself. It’s also fabulous for networking!”

The ADI Members’ National Forum is exclusively for ADI members. Find out more and join today at

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