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  Posted by: The Probe      11th September 2021

The BACD Annual Conference will be a fantastic learning opportunity for dental professionals eager to get back out there and advance their skills and knowledge via face-to-face lectures and hands-on workshops. Central to the unrivalled educational programme is an exciting speaker line-up, with some of the leading voices in dentistry presenting insightful and thought-provoking sessions.

Among the highlights that dental professionals can look forward to at this year’s conference is a comprehensive full-day lecture and hands-on session with Dr Dipesh Parmar, entitled “An Introduction to Mini Smile Makeover”. The session will provide a complete immersion into different layering techniques to master the restoration of a peg lateral, and promises to explore “composite veneers and the different techniques available to maximise on form, function and aesthetics, without compromising health”.

Dr Parmar specialises in providing advanced aesthetic and restorative dentistry, orthodontics and dental implant restorations. Amongst his many achievements are multiple award wins at the UK Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, including Best Aesthetic Dentist UK 2018. He also received a MSc in Orthodontics (University of Warwick) and has co-authored a number of peer-reviewed articles.

As an internationally renowned educator in minimally invasive direct aesthetics, Dr Parmar believes that the market for resin veneers as an alternative to more “invasive” ceramic veneers has grown exponentially, which he partly attributes to the power of social media. He says:

“Social media provides a platform for dentists to exhibit their craft and show potential patients exactly what is achievable within the realms of cosmetic dentistry. It is, therefore, important for the ethical cosmetic dentist to be able to confidently offer composite veneers as an effective treatment alternative.”

Through his lecture, Dr Parmar will demonstrate how, when and why composite veneers are a great minimally invasive cosmetic solution. Key takeaways for attendees will include learning classic layering techniques to create anterior resin masterpieces, understanding protocols to create optimal proximal contours and tight contacts, and finishing and polishing processes designed to emulate natural tooth morphology. Dr Parmar elaborates further:

“By attending my lecture, delegates will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different techniques that can be used for the execution of composite veneers, including freehand, index-guided and indirect methods. They will come away with knowledge on how to deliver composite veneers that, importantly, are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting for their patients.”

In addition to Dr Parmar’s stand-out lecture there is a whole host of engaging talks to look forward to across BACD’s highly-anticipated conference programme. These include sessions presented by Drs Nitzan Bichacho, Mirela Feraru, Miguel Stanley, Pascal Magne, Gurvinder Bhirth, Andrew Chandrapal, Minesh Patel, Ian Buckle, Stewart Beggs, Chris McConnell, Lucas Pedrosa, Nik Sethi, Sanjay Sethi and Riaz Yar.

The BACD Annual Conference is a landmark event in the dental calendar and promises to provide not only a fantastic learning experience, but also excellent networking opportunities that many in the industry will have missed during the lockdown period. Dr Parmar expresses his admiration for the event as a great facilitator of connection and collaboration, in addition to building knowledge and understanding as he comments:

“The BACD Annual Conference is a fantastic event both from an educational and social perspective.”

One of the most exciting things about this year’s Annual Conference will be the coming together of clinicians, adhering to the latest social distancing guidelines and infection control measures, of course. In celebration of supporting effective collaboration, delegates will benefit from access to an exclusive tradeshow exhibition where they can view the latest offerings from leading manufacturers and suppliers, and gain insight from their professional advice and guidance. Additionally, the black-tie Gala Dinner at the National Museum of Scotland on Friday evening of the event will provide the perfect setting for networking and catching up with friends and colleagues after such a difficult year. It’s always a night to remember, but this year there is even more to celebrate!

Dr Parmar further shares his excitement at being reunited with the dental community when he reflects on what he’s most looking forward to during the BACD Annual Conference:

“I’m definitely looking forward to catching up with everyone that I haven’t seen in what will be two years!”

If you haven’t already, register soon your place for the BACD Seventeenth Annual Conference this November by going online. For a limited time, members of the BACD can take advantage of preferential booking rates.


The BACD Seventeenth Annual Conference

‘Seeing Is Believing’

12th – 14th November 2020


Edinburgh, Scotland 

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