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  Posted by: The Probe      12th September 2021

Dr Harriet Beaty joined the BACD during her third year as an undergraduate dental student, when she developed an interest in learning more about ethical cosmetic dentistry. She explains what BACD membership has to offer those who are just launching their career within the profession: 

“As a dental student, the BACD gives undergraduate members an insight into clinical dentistry beyond the scope of our degree programmes. The Academy also supports the development of your clinical skills and knowledge, providing access to mentors who can offer invaluable guidance early on in your career.

“Having attended the BACD Annual Conference and multiple Recommended Meetings, I can say that the quality of education on offer at these events is world-leading. It has definitely influenced my early career with regard to learning about new minimally invasive techniques that can be applied in practice, even as a foundation dentist.”

The BACD has always welcomed dental professionals of all backgrounds and experiences, which is what Dr Beaty believes is one of many factors that make the Academy so appealing to young dentists.   

“The community and networking opportunities provided by the BACD sets the Academy apart from other organisations in dentistry,” she says. “The ability to attend BACD events means you can find support within your local area, but there are other branches of the Academy – including ‘Ladies Who Do Dentistry’ and the Young Membership Committee – where you can find further support, no matter what career stage you are at.

“I would definitely recommend the BACD to any young dentist who is interested in improving their skills and networking with likeminded individuals. The BACD has provided me a platform to broaden my knowledge and create friendships with members who have similar interests.”

How far will you take your career with the BACD? Find out by exploring your membership options today via the BACD website.

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