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Digital workflows in advanced cosmetic dentistry

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  Posted by: The Probe      6th August 2021

Year-on-year, the BACD strives to deliver outstanding dental education that inspires professionals worldwide. This year will be no exception with the BACD Annual Conference taking place in November. Distinguished clinician – Dr Miguel Stanley – will be among the speakers imparting their many pearls of wisdom at this exciting event.

As the clinical director of the White Clinic based in Lisbon, Portugal, Dr Stanley is a passionate advocate for high quality dentistry. His lectures are critically-acclaimed by dentists of all ages and specialities for the open dialogue and simple yet beautiful manner by which complex cases are presented.

Speaking about his upcoming session at the Annual Conference, Dr Stanley says: “I will share my 20 years of experience in private practice, talking about the way my interdisciplinary team and I communicate, diagnose, plan and execute complex cases for patients seeking to restore biology, function and aesthetics to the entire mouth with long-lasting results. The White Clinic is globally recognised as a leader in advanced biological cosmetic dentistry with a large focus on digital workflows. Delegates at my session will learn exactly how we at the White Clinic implement this digital technology into our workflow in order to speed up processes and mitigate failures, particularly under the Slow Dentistry® guidelines of ensuring patient safety and comfort.

“It is important for delegates to understand and appreciate that the preparation they do before going into surgery and starting treatment is vital. Planning is the key to success and technology is our best tool to do this properly and save a lot of time. I see that in the UK, many dentists work in a rush for whatever reason – whether this is related to finances or the NHS – and it is sad that quality care sometimes falls by the wayside. A good dentist should plan their cases and prepare properly.”

Dr Stanley adds: “As an active member of the BACD, I’m happy to see the fight the Academy puts up in order to maintain excellent clinical standards and educate dentists to strive for better. UK dentistry needs some improvement in general. As the co-founder of Slow Dentistry®, I am shocked to know that the average time for a dental appointment through the NHS is 15 minutes. This has to change.

“I know the BACD has great values and the Academy’s work is important to improving the mindset of dental professionals. Moreover, I know how much effort the BACD puts into preparing for its Annual Conference. This hard work pays off and I would like to congratulate everyone from the Academy on this year’s speaker line-up. I’m looking forward to learning, sharing ideas and making new connections at the Annual Conference, and I think the event is going to be great, as always. I love Edinburgh and it’s been a while since I visited the city.”

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The BACD Annual Conference

11th – 13th November 2021


Edinburgh, Scotland


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