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Unity and support at the BACD

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  Posted by: The Probe      22nd July 2021

Dr Imaan Khalid had developed an interest in cosmetic dentistry when she was a dental student, which motivated her to join the BACD.

“Networking opportunities are the key benefit of BACD membership,” she says. “You’re able to meet likeminded clinicians that you aspire to become. There’s a great deal of unity within the Academy, which is unlike any other dental organisation in that it fosters a very close-knit family of members.

“Dentistry can be quite competitive but BACD members are very supportive and ready to help each other. There’s always someone at the Academy you can go to if you have a question, regardless of whether it’s clinical based or not.

“I would definitely encourage any young dentist become a BACD member. Any dentistry you do has an aesthetic component – being part of the Academy enables you to advance your skills, knowledge and experience in this area, so that you can take on both basic and complex cases with confidence.” 


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