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The case for ridge preservation

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  Posted by: The Probe      23rd July 2021

With so many ways of doing things in modern dentistry, it’s important for professionals to consider all the possibilities in order to deliver the best possible patient care. Different approaches and techniques can lead to varying treatment success, with a multitude of factors impacting the final result. By sharing top tips, discussing experiences and evaluating clinical concepts, dental professionals can improve their capabilities as a collective and, ultimately, enhance the care that they deliver to their patients.

In dental implantology, where new ideas are constantly emerging, it is crucial to assess and challenge techniques and products. Only with proper evaluation and careful development can dental implant treatment be optimised for different clinical situations, enabling more patients to benefit from effective solutions.

The ADI Team Congress 2022 will be the perfect place for dental professionals involved in the field to join the conversations. Entitled “The Great Debate: Current Dilemmas in Dental Implantology”, it will do exactly what it says on the tin, providing a platform for constructive discussion and the sharing of expertise from leading lights across the global profession.

Among the highly anticipated speakers will be Daniel Thoma, a Specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry and ITI Fellow from Switzerland, with particular interests in dental implantology and aesthetic dentistry. He will be presenting at the ADI Team Congress as part of the Plenary Programme, making the case for ridge preservation in a debate about possible treatment modalities for the failed central incisor.

Speaking about the main challenges of ridge preservation and the benefits available when delivered in the right cases and performed effectively, Daniel comments:

“The main challenges of ridge preservation techniques are associated with conducting a proper risk analysis and ensuring prosthetically-orientated treatment planning with the final outcome in mind. Depending on the specific case and the risks involved with that particular patient, there are often various therapeutic options that might be appropriate. The impact of different treatment strategies is documented in several situations, so the research should be used to support the planning and decision-making process in order to achieve the most pleasing outcome.

“In the right cases, the key benefits of ridge preservation are the ease of treatment and the reduced need for guided bone regeneration at dental implant placement. Clinically, this approach maintains the ridge profile of both the hard and soft tissue for enhanced aesthetics.”

During his session, Daniel will share his wealth of expertise to help delegates improve their knowledge regarding ridge preservation techniques. He will detail the clinical steps involved and offer practical advice that clinicians will likely find insightful.

“To ensure the success of treatment,” Daniel continues, “clinicians need a sound knowledge of all the available treatment options, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. If choosing to proceed with ridge preservation, the key is to apply the correct clinical sequence during therapy for optimal results.”

The ADI Team Congress 2022 will include sessions dedicated to dentists, dental nurses and practice managers, dental hygienists and therapists and dental technicians. There will be a combination of lectures, workshops and demonstrations on offer to provide an all-inclusive and diverse learning experience for delegates. A major trade exhibition will host an array of dental suppliers and manufacturers offering dental implant-related products and services. Plus, the legendary Congress Dinner on Saturday night will provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy time with friends and colleagues.

The entire event is designed to encourage discussion and debate among peers, enabling everyone to offer their perspectives and learn from others. Talking about the format of the event, Daniel adds:

“Clinicians will be challenged by different speakers focusing on specific treatment modalities. Attendees will be provided with an excellent overview on various treatment modalities. This is an interesting event design since the speakers will be challenged as well as delegates. They have to defend their option/therapy so delegates can make their treatment decisions based on the data/cases presented.”

If you are involved with the provision, restoration or maintenance of dental implants, this will be the perfect opportunity to update your knowledge and skills, while joining the conversation. To get your voice heard and to hear from industry-leading professionals, don’t miss the ADI Team Congress 2022.

ADI Team Congress 2022

“The Great Debate”

26-28 May 2022, Manchester Central


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