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  Posted by: The Probe      13th July 2021

Dr Julian Caplan learned a great deal from the BACD Accreditation process, which enables him to be the best cosmetic dentists he can be. He says:

“I am always keen to improve my ability to provide the best dentistry for patients,” says Dr Caplan. “Becoming a BACD Accredited dentist ticked all the boxes for the provision of cosmetic dentistry at my practice. I think the real key to improving my skills is to be judged by my peers, although this does require some bravery.

“Having said that, the BACD Accreditation examiners were very understanding and even with my cases that did not pass, I learnt a considerable amount – perhaps more so than with my successful cases. The biggest thing I learned from the Accreditation process was to be consistent with my record taking, especially in terms of my photography. This enabled me to be self-critical and to identify where the problems were with the treatment I had provided so that I could improve.

“There are a number of touch points that patients need in order to feel comfortable saying ‘yes’ to treatment. The obvious touch point is that patients who are interested in cosmetic dental procedures recognise that you are accredited by an organisation that is specifically linked to cosmetic dentistry. The other obvious touch point is the confidence that achieving Accreditation instils in you – this will come across in a subliminal way but is often a critical trigger for patients to trust in your abilities. Furthermore, as opposed to a stock photograph or a video from the Internet, the cases that pass Accreditation can be showcased to patients as excellent examples of your skills.”

Reflecting on why he would encourage dentists to join the BACD and undertake Accreditation, Dr Caplan adds:

“The biggest benefit of joining the BACD is the camaraderie and support likeminded colleagues give you, especially in the bar after lectures! BACD Accreditation is a challenge and confirms your ability. You may already have that ability but there is nothing quite like enabling your peers to view your work to confirm this. Consider it from the perspective of playing a musical instrument – you can play it well but you only really know you have received a certain standard when you either pass a set of standardised exams or perform in front of an audience and they are still there applauding you at the end of the performance. Either way, you’re putting yourself forward to be judged.

“My advice to anyone who is considering BACD Accreditation is to realise that this is a process specifically standardised to confirm you have reached a high level of cosmetic dentistry. Don’t be disheartened if you do not pass first time each element of Accreditation is put to the test. Keep going. Each aspect of the Accreditation process that is passed will enhance your skills and understanding of cosmetic dentistry. It is a challenge but one worthwhile taking.

“Dental education involves a number of building blocks. Passing your dental degree is just the start of the adventure. We are lucky to have the BACD to help us add further building blocks to our education in a very supportive environment that is clinically relevant to the day-to-day skills we need and are actively sought after by today’s patients. Seize the opportunity with both hands and you will not regret it.”


For further enquiries about the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, visit

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