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  Posted by: The Probe      3rd May 2021

Dr Erin Morgan is among the many young dentists that the BACD has supported from the earliest stages of their career within dentistry. She explains what inspired her to join the Academy and why she remains a dedicated member:

“During my second year studying dentistry at King’s College London, I attended some evening lectures hosted at our campus by speakers such as Zaki Kanaan, Simon Chard and the late Anoop Maini. Each of these clinicians spoke so enthusiastically about the opportunities available for young dentists and, especially, dental students. They recommended joining the BACD as a student. I was so inspired by these speakers and immediately became a BACD member – I’ve never looked back.

“Throughout my time at university, I attended a number of BACD events, including Study Clubs, Young Dentists Day and, of course, the Annual Conference in 2019. Every event I’ve attended has provided me with such a wealth of clinical advice, as well invaluable support and many wonderful friends.”

The BACD is proud to foster a community where dental professionals of all backgrounds and experiences can come together to share ideas, seek guidance and discuss the latest industry updates. Dr Morgan believes this is just some of the many rewards that can be reaped from being a BACD member.

“A real highlight of membership for me was the chance to represent King’s College London at the BACD Annual Conference as a student representative during my final year at university,” she says. “I was able to meet student reps from universities across the UK and learn from world-class cosmetic dentists, who kindly offered advice and encouragement during the crucial early years of my career. In addition to the lectures and hands-on sessions presented by internationally-acclaimed speakers, the Annual Conference places a huge emphasis on the social elements of the BACD, which was so much fun for me to experience.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend any young dentist or dental student joins the BACD as early as possible in their career. The support and opportunities available through the Academy are phenomenal. This is a highly respected organisation with such a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips to offer. For me, however, the most valuable benefit of BACD membership has been the friendships I’ve formed with so many students, young dentists and highly experienced clinicians, who all share the same passion for providing the most ethical cosmetic dentistry.”

Join one of the UK’s fastest growing dental organisations and find out how far you could take your career with the support of the BACD.

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