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Develop your ortho-restorative skills with IAS Academy

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  Posted by: The Probe      4th May 2021

IAS Academy is all about safe, ethical and minimally invasive dentistry. If you share this ethos and are interested in developing your ortho-restorative skills, then IAS training courses will be ideal for you.

In 2021, IAS Academy will be running a series of courses in London tailored to GDPs. One- and two-day events will cover different types of orthodontic appliances, the ABB (Aligner, Bleach and Bond) concept, ortho-restorative techniques, photography and record keeping, among many other relevant topics. They will all be led by renowned teachers and mentors, who provide long-term support for professionals to ensure the safety of their treatments.

For the full list of course dates and to book, please visit the website.


For more information on upcoming IAS Academy training courses, please visit or call 01932 336470 (Press 1)

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