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Dr Eirik Salvesen to present at the ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021

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  Posted by: The Probe      28th April 2021

Renowned for its commitment to evidence-based dentistry and raising clinical and educational standards in implant dentistry, the ITI (International Team for Implantology) has become a global authority in the field. As such, Straumann is delighted to be a partner for the ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021, being held in the stunning City of Edinburgh this October.

This year’s event has been designed to accommodate and inspire all members of the dental implant team. There will be lectures dedicated to dental nurses, dental hygienists/therapists and young dentists, all in addition to the main two-day programme running on October 1-2. An exceptional line-up of speakers from the UK and abroad have been brought together to share their expert insight into a vast array of traditional, new and emerging topics. Among them will be Dr Eirik Salvesen discussing “Contemporary dental implant design in every day practice”.

A Specialist in Periodontology from Norway, Dr Salvesen is the Chief Clinical Development Officer at Oris Dental and the Executive Director of the Oris Academy, which is a Centre of Excellence for Straumann. A global lecturer and tutor, Dr Salvesen will be sharing his extensive experience by discussing how implant design has evolved to meet the demands of the modern implant market. Covering case selection criteria for immediate protocols and the clinical steps required for success in such situations, Dr Salvesen outlines the topics he will be discussing during his session:

“I will explore the development of implant design to enhance the possibilities for immediate treatment protocols, as well as how we can reduce invasiveness and treatment time for our patients. I’ll highlight the importance of correct case selection in order to help clinicians know what to do, when to do it and how, for the best possible outcomes.”

As with any innovation in dentistry, there are challenges that need to be overcome before clinicians can realise the exceptional treatment outcomes available thanks to contemporary implant design. Dr Salvesen continues:

“The continuous digital transformation of our industry makes our patients ever more aware of the possibilities that implant treatment can offer. The challenge here is to educate them and properly manage their expectations.

“In addition, new implant designs offer new possibilities within immediate treatment protocols, as well as simplified clinical procedures, when compared to more conventional protocols. However, there are a lot of different systems, a lot of marketing and a lot of hype about immediacy out there. The challenge is to get on top of the information to understand the potential of this modality as well as the realistic limitations.

“I hope to help clinicians successfully overcome some of these issues by showing the latest developments from Straumann, as a system designed to solve the immediacy challenges. A such, I hope delegates will leave the session with a greater understanding of the benefits of immediacy, both for the patient and the clinician. This will help delegates to better position themselves in an ever-changing and competitive market, while offering their patients state-of-the-art, scientifically-documented and up-to-date treatment protocols.”

The ITI Congress UK & Ireland will provide an unparalleled opportunity for clinicians involved with dental implants and their teams to refine their skills and broaden their knowledge. There will also be various networking and socialising opportunities for all to enjoy – especially after the long period of isolation made necessary by the pandemic. The Straumann party on Friday night is just one event to look forward to – the reputation of which proceeds it!

“The ITI Congress will present a solid programme with renowned speakers, all hosted by the largest organisation for implant dentistry – the ITI,” adds Dr Salvesen. “For sure, after COVID-19 and all the restrictions we have faced, meeting peers again in person will be extremely valuable.

“I’m honoured to be invited and truly hope to see as many as possible of my dear colleagues at the event – it’s a great chance to satisfy the professional needs for knowledge and for peer interactions.”

This is but a snapshot of what you can expect from the ITI Congress UK & Ireland this October. There will also be a dedicated trade exhibition for delegates to find out more about industry-leading systems and technologies, with demonstrations and product experts available for all. Don’t miss out – register for your place online today!


For more information or to register for the ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021, please visit

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