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  Posted by: The Probe      20th April 2021

Dr Adnan Rehman, Principal of Inspired Dentistry in Southampton, discusses how the One to One Dental Education Implant Programme benefitted his dentistry and his career:

“I sought more knowledge to improve predictability of procedures. I wished to ensure a scientific, evidence-based approach to providing implant solutions. I met Fazeela at a lecture she was speaking at. She was quite impressive and very knowledgeable. This lead me to the One to One Dental Education Implant Programme.

“Fazeela’s knowledge and teaching style on the programme were ideal – her energy and passion were spot on. I also liked the formal and informal group discussions, quality of guest speakers, topics, research papers, handouts and practical sessions near exams.  

“There was also amazing and genuine support available. Fazeeela gave up her weekends and I felt looked after throughout the training. An added bonus was the amazing lunch during practicals – the best food on any course!

Since completing the training, I have experienced a massive boost in my confidence and feelings of fulfilments. I am also able to achieve greater predictability in my treatments, and have increased both my business gross and net profit.

“I cannot recommend this programme enough. Fazeela will always be someone I think of as a significant mentor in my dental career.”


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