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Wesleyan pledges £1 million to help critical workers, including dentists


  Posted by: Dental Design      15th February 2021

Wesleyan, the specialist financial services mutual for doctors, dentists and teachers, has announced a £1m ‘mutual support package’ to help front-line critical workers as well as providing a welcome boost to schools, charities and community groups in need of equipment and funding amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

The support package will include:

  • £1m of donations through the Wesleyan Foundation, including an initial £50,000 to tackle digital poverty within schools.
  • £50,000 additional support towards the mental health challenges being faced by critical workers
  • Continuation of the 24/7 well-being support hub launched last May.

Wesleyan has pledged £1m to the Wesleyan Foundation which will be shared across charities and community groups throughout 2021. Recipients will include £50,000 to the Titan Partnership, a Birmingham based education charity campaigning to end tech poverty by ensuring that every child has access to online technology during the pandemic. This will be Wesleyan’s second donation to this cause in the last 12 months.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Wesleyan has also donated over £100,000 to charities that offer mental health support to doctors and dentists, many of whom are struggling with its impacts. Figures show that 58% of doctors are currently suffering with symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety[i].

Dr Pali Hungin former President of the British Medical Association commented: “The support offered by Wesleyan could provide a valuable life-line for some colleagues to help them process what they are going through properly.”

“Latest figures show that one in five healthcare workers will leave their positions after the pandemic due to their mental health. Continued support for our doctors and nurses on the front line is vital as the impact of dealing with Covid-19 for such a long period of time is having a devastating effect on their mental health.”

The Wesleyan Wellbeing hub, an online platform which offers free 24/7 health and wellbeing support, will also remain in place throughout 2021 for members and customers who need additional support.

Mario Mazzocchi, Wesleyan Group Chief Executive said: “Many of our customers are on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic dealing with immense pressures and challenges every day. They are our Covid-heroes and Wesleyan will continue to look for more ways to support them at this crucial time.

“In addition to the financial advice we offer, our mutuality means we can invest in helping the professions we serve in other ways and as we enter our 180th year, it has never been more important to do so. We have listened to our customers and this package of support is intended to focus on areas in urgent need of help such as the mental health of our doctors and digital poverty within schools. We hope that the support we can offer will help to ease some of the pressures brought on by Covid-19.” 

Titan Partnership CEO, Carolyn Chapman-Lees, said:  “The coronavirus crisis is highlighting the invisible barrier to learning caused by digital poverty which is leaving many children behind.

“Wesleyan’s support came at a pivotal time as teachers and pupils were adapting to new ways of working. This has made a big difference to many children. I am delighted that, with Wesleyan’s ongoing support, we will continue to provide devices for children and families most in need.”

Through its Foundation, Wesleyan continues to support charitable organisations providing support to doctors, dentists and teachers including NHS Practitioner Health, Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, Dental Health Support Programme

Charities and community groups in need of funding can apply to the Wesleyan Foundation for a grant to support their work.

For more information about the Wesleyan Foundation and to apply for funding visit

For more information about the Wesleyan Wellbeing Hub please visit

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