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Introducing the Unica anterior from J&S Davis

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  Posted by: The Probe      23rd February 2021

J&S Davis is now distributing the leading restorative portfolio from Swiss manufacturer Polydentia.

Among the solutions is the Unica anterior, offering a simple yet highly effective matrix solution to optimise outcomes of Class III, IV and V restorations, as well as direct composite veneers and shape modifications.

It is shaped to adapt to the tooth anatomy, enabling the restoration of both proximal and cervical margins in one go. The placement wings further encourage fast and efficient matrix positioning, to help save time, improve the patient and practitioner experience, and optimise the restorative result.

The Unica anterior matrix can be used alongside other Polydentia solutions for an easy workflow, including the myQuickmatrix Forceps, myWedge and myCustom resin.

For more information on this and the various other Polydentia solutions now available from J&S Davis, contact the team or your preferred dental dealer today.


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