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  Posted by: The Probe      6th January 2021

“I joined the BACD as a student representative based on my interest to go down the cosmetic dentistry career path,” says foundation dentist, Dhanish Jabbar. “I saw BACD membership as a stepping stone to exploring the field in greater depth and finding out whether cosmetic dentistry was something I could see myself doing in the future.

“Being a BACD member as a young dentist helps you stay connected. Furthermore, the education the BACD offers is excellent. I’ve only attended one BACD Annual Conference so far, but the speakers at the event were very knowledgeable. The lecture content was advanced for dental students, but I learned a lot and was able to appreciate how far you can go with cosmetic dentistry.

“I would 100% recommend BACD membership to other young dentists and dental students as it enables you to meet other likeminded individuals. It also helps you get your foot through the door into the world of cosmetic dentistry and beyond.”


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