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  Posted by: The Probe      14th January 2021

The demand for implant-supported full arch reconstruction remains high in the UK. Whether due to increasing societal pressures to meet certain aesthetic standards or simply personal desires to invest in themselves and their self-confidence, many patients seek to restore their smile as they lose their natural teeth. For the dental team, this presents an opportunity to diversify the treatments offered and meet the needs of many patients. As such, it can be a very rewarding field to be a part of. However, full arch reconstruction is a complex field of implant dentistry that requires extensive training, skills, tools and experience.

A learning pathway

There are many possible pathways into dental implantology. The type and length of training chosen will depend on your experience in the field to date, as well as your career ambitions and the treatment solutions you are interested in providing. The key is to ensure your competency and confidence at each stage of your journey before moving on. Selecting quality training programmes with on-going mentorship and support is the only way to ensure the safety and effectiveness of dental implant treatment you deliver.

Return of investment

As you become more confident in your skills, you will likely want to grow your implant business, which new patients will be important for. This often involves a dedicated marketing campaign that targets the right patient demographic in the right ways. You may consider training in patient communication in order to improve how present treatment options are presented and enhance your treatment acceptance rates. It might also be beneficial to adjust protocols within the practice so that the implant patient experience and professional workflow is streamlined and truly optimised for everyone involved.

At the end of the day, restoring a patient’s complete smile is synonymous with restoring their quality of life. Satisfied patients that really appreciate what you’ve done for them are not only the most rewarding aspect of the job, but they are also the perfect advocates for your business. Word-of-mouth recommendations are important for any practice’s reputation and growth, but they are crucial for those building dental implant services. In most cases implant treatment requires a substantial investment from the patient, so they will want to know they are going to a clinical team they can trust.

A happy medium

While you are expanding your education and developing your expertise, there will likely be situations where you need to refer a patient due to the complexity of their treatment. You might be in the process of moving onto the more advanced full arch cases but come across one that you are not yet confident in treating. Alternatively, you may have reached your desired point in implant dentistry and wish to focus on your current area of interest due to demands among your patient-base or personal preference. Either way, there is always the opportunity to refer full arch cases to more experienced colleagues. This allows you to ensure that your patients receive the treatment they seek and the exceptional level of care they have come to expect. Referrals for full arch reconstruction can vary depending on which parts of the treatment you provide, but patients will always return to your care post-operatively and they can remain loyal to your practice for many years to come.

If you’re looking for a referral practice you trust to deliver first-class implant-supported full arch reconstructions for your patients, Neodent® supports an array of NeoArch® Centres across the UK. These have been recognised for their outstanding commitment to evidence-based concepts, advanced professional training, cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading services. They all use the globally renowned NeoArch® full arch solution from Neodent®, which has been designed to optimise the stability, versatility, predictability and efficiency of treatment in a wide range of indications for total peace of mind.

Restoring quality of life

Full or partial edentulism can have a massive impact on a patient’s quality of life. Implant-supported full arch reconstruction could be everything they seek and more. If you cannot perform the treatment yourself, working with a referral practice will provide the extension to your team that you need to keep your patients happy and healthy.


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