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CDO confirms dental professionals and their teams are now being prioritised for a Covid-19 vaccine


  Posted by: The Probe      7th January 2021

Following Boris Johnson’s answer in the House of Commons to Craig Whittaker MP’s question over whether dental team members in patient-facing roles would qualify as ‘health workers’ as part of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, CDO England, Sara Hurley, and deputy CDOs Eric Rooney and Jason Wong have confirmed that dental professionals and their teams are now being prioritised for a Covid-19 vaccine.

“This means that dental teams supporting the NHS, those working in private or mixed practices will all be entitled to a vaccine, this includes specialist practices and clinical dental technicians registered with the CQC,” the CDO and deputies stated. “Dental professionals who work for a NHS trust will fall within the vaccination programme co-ordinated through their trust.​ Locum clinical staff employed by the practice and non-clinical ancillary staff who may have social contact with patients but are not directly involved in patient care (e.g. receptionists and cleaners) are also included. 

“As frontline health professionals, it is important that when you are called to be vaccinated you attend. Private practices are advised to ensure their contact details with the CQC are up to date as a matter of urgency. More detail is in this bulletin.”


Dental Protection has welcomed the announcement that the Covid-19 vaccine will be rolled out to dental professionals as priority.

Raj Rattan, Dental Director at Dental Protection said: “This news will come as a relief for dental professionals across the UK, who are some of the most exposed workers to the virus. The new Covid-19 variant, which is 70% more transmissible, poses a greater threat than ever before.

“Dental professionals always put the interests of their patients first, and remain committed to providing high standards of care. Prioritising dentists and dental teams to receive the Covid-19 vaccine acknowledges the essential healthcare service they continue to provide.”

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