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  Posted by: The Probe      12th November 2020

The BACD is committed to promoting the practice of safe, ethical and quality cosmetic dentistry. That’s why it offers members access to the prestigious BACD Accreditation programme. This is designed to enable dentists and dental technicians to demonstrate they have the ability to consistently diagnose, plan and execute cosmetic dental treatment to the highest standard.

Among the BACD members who have achieved Accreditation to date is Dr David Bloom, who was motivated to take up the challenge having seen how the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry accredits its own members. Commenting on his experience, he says:

“Once there was a similar qualification in Britain that was reflective of UK dental practice, I was keen to become a BACD Accredited member. There is no other clinical qualification within cosmetic dentistry that is judged to the same level as BACD Accreditation.     

“I learnt a great deal from the process, especially through getting into the habit of taking photographs of everything I do. If you take the time to review these pictures, it helps so much in training your eye to assess and critique the cosmetic aspects of teeth and dentistry in general. This photography will also improve your case documentation, laboratory collaboration, as well as patient communication and, consequently, treatment acceptance.”

Dr Bloom believes there are many benefits to becoming BACD Accredited, especially with regard to improved patient awareness.

“I’ve had some patients find me through the BACD website,” he says. “As an Accredited member, you come up first on the list of cosmetic dentists. The confidence gained from achieving BACD Accreditation – having been judged and acknowledged as a leader in the field by my peers – has been very rewarding.”

Reflecting on BACD Accredited membership, Dr Bloom adds: “Joining the BACD is like joining a family of likeminded professionals. From there, you are exposed to what cosmetic dentistry can be like when it is done well and, hopefully, this will encourage you to take up Accreditation. The BACD is not just about clinical excellence, but also about social interaction with your peers.

“I would advise anyone considering BACD Accreditation to choose a mentor and start taking photographs of every new patient and all the work that you do. You will undoubtedly begin to see things in a different way and will want to improve the quality of treatment you provide. A mentor can help guide you through this process.

“BACD Accreditation is a journey, not a destination. Along that journey, your skills will improve massively. I know that every Accredited BACD member feels the same way. It is very much an achievable standard and I would encourage any dentist to get involved.”

By becoming an Accredited member of the BACD, clinicians benefit from a unique accolade for their passion and expertise within the field of cosmetic dentistry. Start your journey into the Accreditation programme by visiting the BACD website today.   


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