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  Posted by: The Probe      8th October 2020

At Colosseum Dental UK, we do whatever we can to create a caring environment for everyone in our clinics. Our patients come first, so we do everything in our power to enable the delivery of excellent clinical care. This includes providing cutting-edge facilities, a choice of quality dental materials and beautiful clinics for our practice teams to utilise. As we care just as much about our associates, we also offer on-going training and CPD, career development opportunities and continuous clinical/administrative support.

We believe in action, not just talk. As such, we have made it our mission to show that we care more. This is why we do more for our patients, our people and our profession.


The willingness and ability to go that extra mile for others has long been a characteristic of many dental professionals within Colosseum Dental UK. It is what drives individuals and teams as they look to constantly improve the clinical care and support they provide to all their patients. Their passion for clinical excellence and the safety of both patients and colleagues is what has enabled clinics to re-open across the UK.

Our Colosseum Care Champions were handpicked from a huge group of nominated individuals who have been truly outstanding despite the extraordinary circumstances we all found ourselves in this year. Some of the inspiring stories we are so proud of include helping colleagues in isolation, extra efforts out of hours, helping a 4-year-old patient get checked into hospital and generally keeping colleagues’ spirits up. Our people are our greatest asset at Colosseum Dental UK and we are very proud of the amazing individuals that have worked and continue to work so hard within our practice and management teams!


Our nationwide Good Neighbour initiative is all about supporting our local communities and using our skills and resources to help as many people as possible. We care about making a positive difference within the locations that we operate. This means that we encourage our practice teams to get involved with local fundraisers or other events, offering our support wherever we can.

We also believe in extending this support to communities a little further afield. The entire pan-European Colosseum Dental Group is backed by Jacobs Holding. This means that the Jacobs Foundation is the only economic beneficiary of the business. A registered charity, the Foundation creates and supports opportunities for youth development and education around the globe.

We care about our associates

We offer a myriad of opportunities for training and education specifically for our associates, to encourage career development and help individuals fulfil their professional aspirations. We also provide all the support and flexibility needed to progress, facilitating and actively encouraging open communication with both management and leadership teams.

In fact, we are keen to promote entrepreneurship among our clinicians. We want to empower our associates and give them the opportunity to get involved with the management of various aspects in their clinics. Whether you’re interested in creating a new initiative to promote oral health in your area, or you wish to develop a scheme you have started but need help expanding, we’d be happy to discuss how we can work together.

We also make promises to all our clinicians to show our commitment to and investment in you. We promise:

  • We will pay you 1/12th for the first 6 months as we know it takes time to settle in
  • Excellent working facilities
  • The highest standards of clinical governance and expert support
  • Access to ongoing CPD
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Qualified dental nurses
  • Access to a wide range of consumables
  • Work with the lab of your choice (DAMAS registered)
  • Well-established patient lists
  • New Pastelli uniforms
  • Equipment repairs fixed in a day

We invest in you

Ultimately, we care enough about our patients and about you that we are willing to invest significantly in you and your career so as to help you realise your ambitions while delivering exceptional patient care. We don’t just talk about it, we show it in how we operate and how we support our clinics and our communities. We care more, so we do more. If this sounds like the kind of environment in which you could thrive, give us a call.


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