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  Posted by: The Probe      9th October 2020

Kunal Thakker explains why he chose the Intego dental chair for his practice:

“I was attracted to the Intego’s simple yet stylish design. It’s easy to use and also good value for money given all of its features. The versatility of this unit enables us to use it right- or left-handed and it ensures the comfort of patients. In fact, patients love the look of the Intego – its comfortability has been noted, particularly around the neck.

“The Intego is easy to wipe down, which makes it straightforward to manage and, therefore, saves time. The light feature of the Intego is also excellent. I would 100% recommend this dental chair, as it looks slick, makes patients feel comfortable, and offers value for money. I’ve just bought another one myself.

“Moreover, Clark Dental’s service has been outstanding. Matt, in particular, has been excellent throughout our practice refurbishment journey. He has excellent product knowledge, with a commercial and pragmatic approach.”


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