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Single dose solutions for better time management

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  Posted by: The Probe      25th October 2020

3M Oral Care offers an array of products designed for single dose application. This affords several benefits, some of which Dr Kunal Shah of LeoDental shares with us:

“Single-use solutions are so important in dentistry today. They safeguard the dental nurse and provide a much quicker and streamlined workflows for the clinician. The concept also means that we can prepare for each patient for enhanced time utilisation.

“I use 3M Ketac Universal Glass Ionomer Aplicap for all my core preps. The Scotchbond Universal Adhesive from 3M also comes with a one-time delivery system that is particularly easy to use. In addition, I like the single-use polishing strips to finish off my restorations.

“I think solutions from 3M are superior to others on market and those that allow for single-use dentistry are no different.”


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