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  Posted by: The Probe      7th September 2020

The modern dentist has many tools in their armamentarium. To successfully perform a wide range of clinical treatments and achieve aesthetic, functional and long-lasting results, various different skills, products and technologies are often employed. One area that is becoming increasing important for clinicians is dental photography.

Speaking about the benefits of good dental photography, Dr Minesh Patel comments:

“Good dental photography is promoted by many dentists today for several reasons. Not only is it a requirement for accurate and meticulous patient records and protection against any future complaints, but it is also valuable when building a CV and applying for that dream job. In addition, good quality photos can be used to support patient communication for enhanced consent and increased treatment uptake, as well as marketing materials. For those interested in lecturing, a portfolio of quality images will provide a wealth of potential content. It is also a useful tool should you wish to move into teaching on undergraduate or postgraduate training programmes, as it provides a way to demonstrate treatment workflows and techniques.

“Another way that dental photography can support a dentist’s development is with regards to their self-improvement and career fulfilment. Personally, I make a point to reflect on all the images I take of each case. I look for ways in which I could have improved the treatment delivered and the outcome achieved. Quality images show even the slightest flaws on a macro scale, so you can pick up on very minor imperfections and focus on eliminating similar discrepancies in the next case. The development finesse in my dentistry has definitely been one of the most important advantages of reflecting on my dental photos. This is useful in all general dentistry, but is most beneficial for aesthetic cases.”

Minesh will be presenting on the topic at the BACD’s Seventeenth Annual Conference this November. He is currently a mentor for delegates taking the MSc in Aesthetic Dentistry training course at King’s College London and teaches a postgraduate anterior and posterior composite masterclass. Minesh believes that clinical art and precision are a product of good photography.

“There are various potential challenges that can affect the quality of a clinician’s photography,” Minesh continues. “Establishing good ergonomics and a comfortable user experience with the camera set-up is one, getting the right settings on the camera for a well-exposed image is another. In my experience, there are several misconceptions about the camera settings and lighting features needed for a good photo, which I want to address in my visual and dynamic presentation.

“During my lecture – entitled ‘f:ocus RAW’ – I will look at all aspects of modern dental photography. I aim to provide insight into specific camera components, including the hardware and settings. I will also cover lighting systems, how they differ and what they do for the photographs taken. There will be an array of tips on how to frame beautiful dental photos, as well as how cross-polarisation can be used to improve the shade matching process for natural-looking restorations. In addition, I will explore the various ways to utilise clinical photographs for self-development and career progression, and provide a live demonstration to show the set-up that I use in my practice.”

Minesh’s session will cover both theoretical and hands-on elements to give delegates a comprehensive overview. He hopes to help colleagues utilise similar tools in order to develop their own skills, boost their job satisfaction and supplement their career development.

To maximise on your learning experience at the event, Minesh welcomes you to bring any existing equipment you have, including your camera body and macro lens, flash set-up, photographic mirrors and black contrastors. There will be an opportunity for you to get hands-on and replicate Minesh’s set-up during and after the session.

The BACD Annual Conference has become a highly celebrated event that brings together an array of dental professionals who share a passion for clinical and aesthetic excellence. Entitled “Seeing is believing”, this year’s event will present a selection of world-class speakers covering various topics that are both highly relevant and innovative. Minesh adds:

“I have spoken at BACD events before and have always received great feedback. I’ve been impressed with how their conferences are so interactive, with dynamic presentations with beautiful slides. There is also a good ambience and fellow speakers have always been really nice people. I’m looking forward to this event and hope to deliver an exciting lecture for colleagues.”

If you haven’t already, register your place for the BACD Seventeenth Annual Conference this November by going online today.


The BACD Seventeenth Annual Conference

‘Seeing Is Believing’

12th – 14th November 2020


Edinburgh, Scotland


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