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  Posted by: The Probe      27th September 2020

With dental practices open once again, one of the recent challenges has been giving patients and staff the confidence they need to re-enter the building. Much of the solution has been about optimising infection control procedures in order to minimise the potential risks of cross contamination. For the most part, relevant protocols in UK dental practices were already meticulous and highly effective. However, many have decided to take the safety of their patients and staff to the next level with air disinfection solutions.

Dr Duncan Smith – Principal of Duncan Smith Dental in Musselburgh, on the outskirts of Edinburgh ­– comments on his motivations for introducing air disinfection to his practice protocols:

“We sought an air disinfection solution in order to reduce the risk factors for our staff and patients. We also thought it could help to mitigate the fallow time required after AGPs – which is something we are currently working on.”

As with all technological investments, it’s important to do your homework before deciding which solution to purchase. This is particularly important with regards to air disinfection solutions in dentistry, given that the technology is so new to the industry and that several machines have been made available on the market within quick succession due to high demand. As such, a lack of knowledge on the topic among the profession, as well as the quality of the information being communicated about some of the solutions, makes it difficult to assess the effectiveness of some machines.

Dr Smith was keen to ensure that he integrated only the best solutions into his practice. He therefore researched various air disinfection units available on the market and sought advice from trusted experts in the field.

“Some solutions on the market were flashy and quite gimmicky.” He says. “It was essential for me to be completely confident that any claims made about a product’s abilities were well-founded and backed by science. The quality of the technical support and service I would receive from the supplier was also important, as it would add to the value provided for my investment.

“Of the other features I liked most when doing my research, I appreciated the machines that were most discreet while in use so they did not disrupt my patient appointments. I also liked those that could be installed quickly and easily. In particular, I was impressed by those with a plug and play feature, as this would facilitate a simple integration process.”

Sharing why he chose the Novaerus Air Disinfection unit from Eschmann, Dr Smith continues:

“I had been very happy working with Eschmann for the past few months – the quality of their products has always been very good and I was very confident in working with the team. When I looked at the Novaerus Air Disinfection unit, how it worked and how reliable it could be, I thought it was a superior machine to the others we had seen. It was less involved in terms of maintenance compared to alternative solutions – all I need to do is clean a small screen in each machine every week and that’s it.

“The installation process couldn’t be simpler – just plug it in and switch it on. It’s easy to find a suitable location as the unit can be wall-mounted or placed on a worktop. It largely sits quietly in the background and is very unintrusive within the surgeries.

“In addition, the service from Eschmann has continued to be exemplary. All my contact with Eschmann over the past few months has been very favourable – everyone has been friendly, polite and informative from the salesperson to the delivery team, who couldn’t have been more helpful. I’ve been very pleased so far and would recommend both Eschmann and the Novaerus Air Disinfection unit to colleagues.”

At the end of the day, high-quality air disinfection systems offer more than just safer air with a lower bio burden. They also boost confidence of patients and staff, giving them peace of mind that they are working in or visiting a safe environment that has been designed to minimise any risk of infection. Dr Smith adds:

“For us, having an air disinfection unit in each surgery provides both our patients and staff with greater peace of mind. Our patients are made aware of our investment in their safety and both they and our team members appreciate that we have gone the extra mile. We are all very conscious about the environments we enter into right now, so being able to disinfect the air absolutely gives everyone more confidence about attending the practice.”


For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of decontamination equipment and products from Eschmann, please visit or call 01903 875787

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