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  Posted by: The Probe      4th August 2020

Maintaining your air compressor is essential, but have you ever wished there was an easier way?

Let DentalAir step in and save you time and worry with its unique Total Air Care package.

Those who opt for this cover will receive a new, oil-free air compressor (supplying sterile air), with all air qualities tested to NHS2022/1 standards and certified accordingly and a PSSR support scheme, all from just £19.50 per month!

Those under this policy will also benefit from an exceptional breakdown and repair service, fully performed by DentalAir’s rapid response team of nationwide technicians.

So, why bother stressing when your air compressor maintenance could be so easy?

Contact DentalAir today.


 For more information, please contact DentalAir at or call 0800 975 7530

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