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  Posted by: The Probe      4th August 2020

There are many tried and tested brands within the Straumann Group, all of which are trusted by the dental profession to meet the highest quality standards. Among the top solutions available right now is the Axiom® Multi Level® implant manufactured by Anthogyr. Celebrating its 10th year of global success, this innovative solution affords an array of advantages for many patients requiring dental implant treatment.

Stability in every sense

One of the reasons that the Axiom® Multi Level® has maintained such a respected position in the dental market, is its outstanding strength and durability. Both the Axiom® bone level (BL) and Axiom® tissue level (TL) implants have maintained their integrity while demonstrating high dynamic strength of well over 200N – which is the widely recognised industry objective.[i] Further still, a prospective 3-year multicentre randomised controlled clinical study found a high survival rate (97%) and minimal bone loss, as well as excellent aesthetic results when reviewing Axiom®BL implants.[ii] This hard and soft tissue stability is the result of platform switching features and a rough implant surface texture, as well as a biological, tapered implant design. The Grade V titanium also affords mechanical strength and maximum biocompatibility.[iii]


The Axiom® Multi Level® system offers a bone level and tissue level      solution. The Axiom implants are available in 2 designs, REG and PX, allowing for implant placement in all indications, including low density bone and post extraction sites.  Along with a number of lengths and diameters available, this system provides the flexibility that clinicians need to treat a wide range of patients.

In addition, the selection of Simeda® CAD/CAM prosthetic components is designed to deliver in nearly every clinical situation. Whether you need customised single- or multiple-unit prostheses, or angulated restorative access, there is a solution for you. Plus, the unique AxIN® base provides an easy-to-use low maintenance, screw-retained connection that respects the natural tooth anatomy for peace of mind.

With various lab side CAD/CAM solutions available too, dental teams have complete surgical and prosthetic freedom, helping to ensure that the very best outcomes are achieve for every patient.

Service and support

Complementary to the quality of the implant solutions from Anthogyr is the service and support delivered by the Straumann Group. Clinicians and their teams can rely on up-to-date information and advice, with product experts on hand to offer bespoke guidance whenever it is needed. As such, the Axiom® Multi Level® is set to remain an industry-leading solution for more decades to come. Here’s to the next 10 years!


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[iii] Liens A., et al, Multi-scale microstructural and mechanical characterization of titanium and titanium alloys used in dentistry (2015), Poster presented at the 24th EAO’s Annual
Scientific Congress, Stockholm, Sweden.


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