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  Posted by: The Probe      25th July 2020

ClearCorrect from the Straumann Group is dentist-friendly by nature, having been developed from feedback and advice provided by clinicians.

The clear aligners feature smooth, unscalloped trim limes that extend 1mm over the gingiva to significantly improve retention and reduce the need for engagers (attachments).[i] They also come with a choice of either the Flex (pay-as-you-go) or Unlimited (as many aligners and retainers as needed for 5 years) schemes for maximum cost-efficiency.

The innovative DenToGo™ uses artificial intelligence to facilitate remote treatment monitoring, reducing the need for appointments while ensuring high quality treatment. It also helps to motivate patients and keep them engaged in their treatment for greater compliance.

Available with a comprehensive digital workflow and support that is second-to-none, ClearCorrect is the ideal solution for any clinician committed to operating at the cutting-edge of orthodontics.


For more information on ClearCorrect®, visit:


[i] Cowley DP, Mah J, O’Toole B. The effect of gingival-margin design on the retention of thermoformed aligners. Journal of Clinical Orthodontics: JCO 11/2012; 46(11):697-702.

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