The New Contactless Dental Experience


  Posted by: The Probe      21st May 2020

Software of Excellence, a Henry Schein One brand and an expert in dental software, has announced it will host the Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival, a two-day online event, which will be held on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th May 2020-. #BounceBackDental

One of the most challenging aspects of the return to dentistry will surely be the ability of dentists to reassure patients that dentistry is safe by mitigating risk and reducing fear. The Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival provides an opportunity for delegates to listen to Guy Meyers, Customer Success and Marketing Director at Software of Excellence, who will discuss how to delicately balance the risk versus fear conundrum.

Risk is real. It was to reduce risk that the lockdown measures were first introduced, and it is relatively easy to manage within the dental practice, by introducing processes and ensuring the dental team is trained to carry out and enforce new procedures. Fear, however, is a personal emotion. It is often irrational, and patients worried about returning to the dentist need to have their fears allayed by concrete proposals for patient management, treatment protocols, and processes that will reduce the risk of infection.

Understanding the patient demographic of the practice is a good first step and will enable principals to empathise with the feelings of concerned patients. For instance, how many patients fall into the age group most at risk (i.e. over 70 years)? How many would be considered ‘vulnerable’ and what practical steps can be taken to alleviate the issues faced by these groups in particular?

There are numerous software tools that can be applied to help answer these questions and help implement practical measures that will reduce risk and alleviate fear. Most importantly, these steps must then be clearly communicated to patients, so they appreciate that their concerns are being taken seriously.

The New Contactless Dental Experience

Guy’s presentation will cover how to stagger appointments to ensure social distancing, how to set-up specific clinic times for elderly or vulnerable patients and how to send links to medical history forms and consents direct to patients’ mobiles so they can complete before reaching the practice, thereby avoiding touching paper, pens or tablets that have been used by others. Contactless departure and payment methods are also important considerations in helping ensure social distancing is adhered to and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Maintaining contact with patients and communicating the specific steps being taken to ensure their safety is a vital part of the re-opening of dental practices. Guy will take a brief view of the dental software technology that is now available to help practices create effective communication that can be sent direct to patients.

Guy Meyers is just one of the speakers at the Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival, which features:

  • interactive webinars
  • proactive training
  • scenario planning

This unique event provides an opportunity to share ideas in the crucial areas of:

  • patient communication
  • business and financial management
  • team development and human resources
  • the new contactless patient journey
  • marketing
  • mental health, and much more

There is also the chance to join a virtual networking social and Q&A with panellists at the end of the session on Tuesday.

Register now at and gain access to 8 hours of CPD content that will help you, your business, your team and your patients plan for the ‘new normal’. #BounceBackDental

Software of Excellence is a Henry Schein One brand.

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