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Free online guide launched for teachers to support students preparing for BMAT


  Posted by: Dental Design      26th May 2020

A free online guide has been released by Cambridge Assessment to help teachers support students who need to take the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) to get a place to study Medicine or Dentistry in the UK.

The guide is designed to highlight further information and free support materials that are available for BMAT. Teachers using the guide can share the information with their students who need to take the test to study at certain UK universities or medical schools. The experts behind the guide say it comes at a time when teacher support is more important than ever as the teaching sector faces severe restrictions due to Covid-19.

The online guide has been developed by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing, the same experts who develop BMAT. It includes information on where to find free online BMAT preparation materials, answers to frequently asked questions from students, information on the test format and guidance on BMAT test sessions.

Andy Chamberlain, Head of Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing said: “BMAT plays a highly significant role in ensuring students with the highest potential get selected for healthcare related courses and the test has become a key part of the recruitment toolkit for universities. For this reason it’s essential that teachers get the support they need to make sure students are confident on the test day. We’ve designed the guide so it’s really comprehensive and gives teachers the information they need to pass on to their students. It comes at a time when teacher support is more important than ever and by using the guide, teachers will be able to help their students take the next steps towards university.”

BMAT is used by universities around the world to select applicants for medical, dental and biomedical courses. It tests key skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and application of scientific knowledge that are crucial for success on an academically demanding, science-based degree.

BMAT is designed so that students can prepare for the test on their own, and Admissions Testing also provides comprehensive free resources so that students can do so. However, many teachers would like to help support their students and this guide provides a quick resource for teachers to share the right information about BMAT.

Chamberlain added: “We already provide lots of free resources to help students prepare for BMAT, but this new guide is designed to give teachers a helping hand in supporting their students. Our research has shown that costly preparation courses are unnecessary which is why the guide shows teachers where to find all of our free materials.”

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