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  Posted by: The Probe      15th April 2020

Having had the EXTARO® 300 dental microscope installed at his practice recently, Dr Charles Buckle shares his thoughts on his experience:

“I knew I was only going to consider the Zeiss range of microscopes. I had a Kaps microscope previously and my colleague, Doug, had a high-end OPMI Pico. The differences between Kaps and Zeiss in terms of usability is chalk and cheese. I looked at all the other major brands at IDS and did not feel any other manufacturer came close. I chose the EXTARO® 300 over the OPMI Pico mainly due to all the latest light and imaging features. The fact that these can be upgraded to at a later stage has helped with budgeting.

“The overall build and image quality are exceptional, but it is the ease and speed of use that is the EXTARO® 300’s greatest asset. The microscope sits permanently at arm’s reach, so I know it can be in use within seconds. The single-handed control of the scope enables rapid positioning and simultaneous adjustment of the Varioskop® function, which means I’m able to use it in multiple restorative applications. With 30% of my restorative work and all of my endodontic work, the microscope has facilitated more varied and improved working positions. I have had back issues previously and anything to reduce the chance of reoccurrence is worth investing in.

“In terms of workflow, I never set out to try and do all my dentistry through the EXTARO® 300. However, I have found that I’m using it for finishing and refining in most cases. Again, this is because of how quick and easy it is to use. The next step will be to eventually upgrade the microscope with the Fluorescent Mode.”

Speaking about the service he received from Nuview, Dr Buckle adds:

“I have known John Woods from Nuview for a few years now, as he had already fitted a Zeiss scope at our practice. John came on board at an early stage when my new surgery was being designed in order to ensure that we would have everything positioned and wired correctly. His advice and support at this stage were key to getting everything working and integrated so well.

“The installation of the microscope was seamless and it’s not until you see this process that you really appreciate the engineering that goes into Zeiss microscopes. The routing of all my SLR camera connectivity was tucked neatly out of sight inside the microscope arm, while the positioning was measured very carefully to ensure it did not interfere with the x-ray arm. John demonstrated everything on the scope and has been on-hand via FaceTime for follow up calls on how I have been getting on with it.

“The service from John and the rest of the Nuview team has been exceptional. In terms of their knowledge and the Zeiss products they offer, I believe they are the best in their field and I would not use anyone else.”


For more information please call Nuview on 01453 872266, email, visit or ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.

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