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  Posted by: The Probe      6th April 2020

Every patient is different and it is important to consider their individual needs when tailoring oral health advice for them.

For example, patients who have previously found wire interdental brushes difficult or uncomfortable to use might be well suited to the new, wire-free Wisdom Clean Between Pro Interdental Brushes.

Designed with a curved, robust and flexible stem, as well as an easy grip handle, the ergonomic brushes make it easy to access all regions of the mouth. Clinically proven[i] to reduce plaque and gingival bleeding, they are available in three sizes to fit a wide range of interdental spaces and come with a detachable, transparent travel and storage case for convenience.


Please visit or call 01440 714800


[i] James A. Plaque reduction of a dental product. In-use laboratory test report. Advanced Development & Safety Laboratories Ltd. April 2019.

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