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  Posted by: The Probe      17th April 2020

Dr Sagi Shavit is a dentist with special interest in endodontics, treating patients at Cleveland Terrace Dental Practice, Darlington. He uses COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM files, along with other materials from COLTENE’s endodontic range.

“The provision of successful endodontic treatment can be achieved by using simple procedures and techniques alongside high-quality tools and materials.

“The use of COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM rotary files alongside the matching Guttapercha and Paper Points provides a reliable and reproducible way to shape and obturate root canal systems. ROEKO GuttaFlow™ bioseal (from COLTENE) provides a biocompatible apical seal that promotes safe, stable healing.

“I would recommend COLTENE to colleagues”.

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