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  Posted by: The Probe      27th April 2020

COLTENE strives to provide dental professionals with the very best endodontic products possible – and a vital member of their Endo family is the ROEKO Guttapercha points.

Ideal for the obturation of the canal after endodontic treatment, the Guttapercha Points are easy to introduce to the canal, being stiff but flexible enough to follow the curves of the canal without breaking.

What’s more, they are radiopaque and have excellent tissue compatibility for better outcomes. And as if this wasn’t enough, Guttapercha Points are absolutely hygienic for added peace of mind.

COLTENE also uses the very latest manufacturing processes to ensure that all products are of the highest standard. ROEKO Guttapercha Points have been created using a fully automated production system that ensures each individual item is finished to exacting standards.

To find out more about ROEKO Guttapercha Points and the rest of COLTENE’s Endo family, contact the team today.


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