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  Posted by: The Probe      4th April 2020

You may have heard the time-worn saying that ‘Beauty is not in the face; it is a light in the heart’. However, although we can all agree that these words hold truth at the core, science actually disagrees.

In reality, the role that physical appearance plays in our lives is actually quite significant and research has proven again and again that our looks can dictate a number of aspects of our lives. Bearing this in mind, it’s not difficult to see why aesthetics are becoming more important than ever. People are looking to improve the way they look, and this influences their approach to dentistry.

The bonus of beauty

So, how does a beautiful face get you ahead in life? There are a multitude of studies that have found a correlation between looking good and how you are perceived by others, including potential employers and love interests. Indeed, a study that introduced the concept of an ‘attractiveness halo’ suggests that beauty can instantly make people see you in a better light, even in terms of ability and intelligence. Attractive people in the study were always assumed to be more intelligent than others, even when they had already proven to those rating them that they did not have better abilities than other candidates.[i]

It’s the same sort of logic our brains connect with first impressions. A good first impression is surprisingly difficult to break, and as so much of our initial judgement of someone stems from how they look, this means that better looking people are likely to have a much easier time in their endeavours. It is perhaps this which dictates why attractive people are thought to be better at their jobs by employers, are more likely to be elected to public positions and be called back for second job interviews.[ii]

From a romantic perspective, good looks are a huge bonus. It goes without saying that most are inevitably drawn to better looking people, and though all of us would like to think that we are solely attracted to the person inside, good looks still make a difference. This is likely to be because good looks can pertain other aspects of personality and lifestyle that people find attractive. People generally assume that those in good physical shape are good looking, and this correlates with the perception that those people are also healthier and therefore, on a biological level, better to breed with. It’s also fair to say that good-looking people are likely to have better self-esteem, and this gives them an added advantage of being more confident during dating which is often seen as a very attractive trait.[iii]

What makes someone good-looking?

So, what features dictate whether someone is considered good-looking or not? When it comes to facial attractiveness, teeth play a surprisingly big role.

Straight, white teeth have routinely been identified as the most important feature by those looking for love. This is most likely because of the same connections people make between an in-shape body and health – white teeth tend to indicate a person who looks after their hygiene and diet. In fact, in a survey which asked thousands of singles their opinion on physical appearance, 60% of men rated nice teeth as the most important feature and a staggering 71% of women did too.[iv]

Social media and smiles

We also have to take into account that people are looking to improve their smiles for more reasons than just to get ahead in their career or land the perfect partner. Social media use has become a worldwide phenomenon, with billions of active users logging into platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. In fact, in 2020 it is estimated that there will be almost 3 billion people actively using social media each day![v]

This has opened up new avenues for people across the globe, as becoming an Instagram influencer is a genuine career option for individuals. Influencers tend to be very attractive individuals who use their looks alongside their personalities to sell products, endorse services and make a living through sharing their lifestyle with others. Even individuals not looking to make it big on social media are likely to share photos of themselves often on these platforms, and this exposes them to being seen by hundreds of people. As such, it’s no secret that people are seeking treatments to look better and to put their best face forward in the age of aesthetics.

Giving a helping hand

As dental professionals, it’s important to always understand the trends and give patients treatments that will help them achieve their preferred outcomes. That’s why CosTech Dental Laboratory offers the option of Private Aesthetic ZirconArch restorations.

Specifically developed to combine the best in strength and aesthetics, these large span bridges are ideal for patients who want the most natural-looking option available.


For more information please visit or call 01474 320076



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