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  Posted by: The Probe      5th April 2020

3M Oral Care is thrilled to announce that Scotchbond Universal Adhesive has been awarded the DENTAL ADVISOR Top Award in the category Bonding Agent: Universal for the eighth year running in 2020!

This is a fantastic testament to Scotchbond Universal Adhesive from 3M and highlights why the product is a favourite for many professionals across the globe.

Able to virtually eliminate post-operative sensitivity,[i] as well as having the ability to bond to all surfaces without the need for additional primer,[ii] Scotchbond Universal Adhesive from 3M is the versatile, reliable adhesive for everyday dentistry and beyond.

Find out why Scotchbond Universal Adhesive from 3M is an award-winner today by contacting the team.


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3M and Scotchbond are trademarks of the 3M Company.

[i] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. Effective Claim no. 4801

[ii] Guggenberger R, Cerny B, Thalacker C, et al. Postoperative sensitivity with a new universal adhesive. Presented at: IADR General Session; June 20, 2012; Iguaçu Falls, Brazil. Abstract 186

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