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  Posted by: The Probe      13th March 2020

Patient education is key if we are to help more people keep their natural teeth healthier and for longer. However, when they need some help to restore their smile, you need to reach for a product you can trust.

Stabilok Dentine Pins from Fairfax Dental are the gold standard of dentine pins. They are the result of more than 45 years of product development and expertise, giving you confidence in their quality and reliability.

They are self-threading and self-shearing, and are engineered to fit contra-angle slow speed handpieces. They can be easily placed into pre-drilled holes, which are strictly 2mm in depth thanks to the Stabilok Twist Drill and therefore designed to minimise the risk of fracture in the dentine. Every Stabilok pin even comes in its own closed compartment to simplify the workflow and minimise contamination.

Contact Fairfax Dental today to find out how Stabilok Dentine Pins could help you restore your patients’ smiles effectively.


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