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  Posted by: The Probe      13th March 2020

The field of restorative dentistry is always evolving. New solutions are created on a regular basis and innovative methods on how to use these products to the best effect are constantly being explored. As such, it’s more necessary than ever that professionals keep abreast of these latest developments so that they can offer patients the very best standard of care.

In light of this, at this year’s British Dentistry Show and Dental Conference, restorative dentistry is again a core focus. Delegates will be able to discover not only multiple stands from manufacturers of leading dental restorative products, but also attend a number of educational seminars that focus on the topic.

One of these sessions, sponsored by 3M Oral Care and hosted by Dr Akit Patel, will directly discuss innovative restorative products and how to harness their powers to achieve easy restorative excellence. Entitled ‘Success Simplified – Indirect Restoration’s Big 5’, the session is a must-see for anybody who wants to keep ahead of the curve.

Making success simple

Practitioners will be aware that the indirect restorative workflow is not always simple, and that this type of treatment consists of multiple clinical and laboratory steps. Each of these steps, in turn, is likely to provide unique clinical challenges, meaning that there is a huge scope for different approaches and products. However, while options are a huge benefit in modern dentistry, it can also cause uncertainty and confusion as to which products are going to deliver the best results.

Perhaps one of the biggest advancements in restorative products in the last few years has been streamlining them to make them easier to use without impacting their efficacy. It is partly this that inspired the Success Simplified principle – one which Dr Akit Patel will explore fully in his upcoming seminar.

One of the core aims of the session will be to educate delegates about the latest restorative products, examining how they can be used in the indirect restorative workflow to simplify the whole process. Supporting this idea are three guidelines that form the very heart of Success Simplified, a brief overview of which are as follows:

Simplicity is key

The first part of the Success Simplified idea is to always select the simplest treatment that still ensures reliable results. Reliability plays a hugely significant role in modern dentistry. As such, products that can give a predictable result have become an essential part of a dentist’s armamentarium. Simplicity aids predictability, as less clinical steps reduces the margin for error.

In his session, Akit will speak about how to select products that are both simple and reliable, exploring different outcomes and highlighting product features that put reliability first. This way, delegates can be aware of which solutions can deliver optimal outcomes without hugely complicated clinical steps.

The minimally invasive route

The second tenant of Success Simplified is to concentrate on minimally invasive techniques when selecting products. One of the major shifts in dentistry in recent years has been to opt for treatment that is least disruptive. By preserving as much as the natural tooth structure as possible, it’s likely that outcomes will be of better quality and more durable.

Dr Akit Patel will discuss and showcase various minimally invasive solutions that can be used at each clinical step of the restorative journey, especially in the field of adhesively-driven restorations. By highlighting these options, delegates will be able to see some of the choices on the market, which could make a minimally invasive approach easier than ever before.

Cost-efficiency counts

The third and final concept behind Success Simplified is to know how to choose products in a cost-effective way. In his session, Dr Akit will demonstrate how the price of a product is not the be all and end all (though this does factor), but more that professionals need to consider the time they spend in the practice as a currency too.

By viewing treatment through this lens, it quickly becomes apparent that using high-quality materials is a more effective way to save treatment time and achieve good value for money than merely lowering material costs alone. This is because high-quality products are more predictable and often have a more efficient procedure. By cutting down treatment time, practitioners should be able to treat more people outweighing any higher material costs.

Step in the right direction

With these principles at the forefront, Dr Akit Patel will use his session as an opportunity to look at available options in the industry, focusing on five of the main materials used during the restorative process. This includes those used for impressioning, cementation and temporisation, helping delegates to see the benefits that making switches to certain products could make to their workflows at every step. His seminar will provide tips and tricks on how best to use these novel and smart materials to help simply and maximise success.

Dr Akit Patel’s session is just one of the informative seminars that is taking place at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show this May. To find out more, please contact the team at 3M Oral Care.


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Author John Rafelt

After finishing his PhD in Chemistry in 1999 at York University, John worked as a food analyst at the Government research laboratories and an advisor on research funding working closely with the European Commission. John joined 3M Espe in 2002 and is currently Scientific Affairs Manager for the 3M Oral Care UK and Ireland region. John lectures widely on advancements in dental materials and regularly writes articles on the same topic for the dental press.


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