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  Posted by: The Probe      22nd March 2020

COLTENE is hitting the ground running in 2020. It has an exciting year planned, developing ideas that underline its motto to ‘Upgrade Dentistry’. This is no empty sales pitch either; it reflects COLTENE’S genuine commitment to support general dentists and specialist and help them do things better – more efficiently, flexibly, comfortably and cost-effectively. All these benefits are then passed directly on to patients. It’s a simple equation – clinicians who offer upgraded dentistry and the highest-quality treatment will improve standards of oral health in the UK and across the world.

What do you know about COLTENE?

 Maybe you’ve not used COLTENE’s tools and materials yet. Maybe you’ve seen its stand at dental shows and although your curiosity has been piqued, you have not taken the plunge and tried some of the range in your practice.

COLTENE develops, manufactures and supplies some of the most innovative tools and materials on the market. Our products are suitable for general dentists at all levels, as well as restorative and endodontic specialists. By listening carefully to what dentists are saying, the team has noticed that more are wanting to upskill and develop their technique. Why are they wanting to do more? Well, patients’ high expectations demand it! The modern patient wants good-value treatment that gives great results, first time. If they can have it completed in a single appointment, even better, but efficiency shouldn’t compromise a beautiful and stable end result.

COLTENE believes that great technique must be supported by the best tools and materials – it’s a combination that leads to successful treatment. That’s why it only launches something when it’s sure that it ticks every box. As soon as it does become available, the new product quickly becomes a market leader. 

Improve, update, upgrade

COLTENE constantly reviews its own portfolio to ensure that it is fully focussed on dentists’ requirements. Last year, it’s HyFlex™ EDM endodontic file system was expanded to include the Glidepath file 15/.03, for strongly curved and very narrow canals. For specialists with challenging cases, the new file is indispensable, allowing them to offer patients an efficient solution to oral pain.

Even before this latest addition, the COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM files were already renowned for their strength and versatility. When asked why they favour HyFlex™ EDM, endodontic specialists say, “the system covers all the bases; the files can be pre-bent when access is difficult and pre-curved to bypass ledges” and that “you use fewer files and suffer less hand fatigue. For a single file system, it is particularly flexible.” Many clinicians who use HyFlex™ EDM files say that they can often complete cases with just one or two files for added convenience.

Also available are materials for every step of the endodontic procedure after preparation, including irrigation solutions, obturation/sealing – take ROEKO GuttaFlow™ Bioseal, which combines free-flow gutta-percha with a bioceramic glass. This is used with a single GP point to create a perfect seal and canal filling material.

Reasons to smile
For dentists offering restorative treatment, COLTENE has some fantastic products. Last year, it launched BRILLIANT COMPONEER™, a veneering system comprised of prefabricated translucent shells, based on the same sub-micron filler technology as COLTENE’s popular BRILLIANT EverGlow™. Minimally-invasive, chairside restorations are possible with BRILLIANT COMPONEER™ and its indications include restoring carious defects, fractures and old restorations, reconstructing lost tooth substance, cosmetic corrections and more.

BRILLIANT COMPONEER™ complements the materials already available. BRILLIANT EverGlow™ has long been the number-one choice for restorative dentists. One happy clinician reported that it, “exhibits superb shade matching, light scattering and polishability. The shades, opacities and translucencies mean layering and replication of the variances of enamel and dentine character can be achieved with ease.” Others praise its “excellent handling, wear resistance and adaptability” and “great aesthetics”.

COLTENE’s restorative range also includes a reliable and well-respected tissue contouring system PerFect™ TCS II and BRILLIANT Crios composite blocs, heralded as “an amazing development within digital dentistry”.

Join COLTENE on its journey


COLTENE is proud of its achievements but has no plans to stand still either. It is committed to pushing forward in 2020, helping dentists to be the very best they can be. This means listening, collaborating and supporting. This is the year to try COLTENE – if you see the stand at one of the upcoming shows, the team would love to answer your questions. Or visit the website to find out more.

Jump on board and join COLTENE on its journey to upgraded dentistry.


To find out more visit, email or call 01444 235486

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