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Have you got two minutes to talk about mental health?


  Posted by: The Probe      2nd March 2020

Dentists are being asked to take part in a short survey about mental health within the profession.

The Spotlight On Mental Health survey takes around two minutes to complete (or longer if you choose to add comments), and asks questions on topics such as work/life balance, how seriously mental health challenges are taken in your practice and the barriers to seeking help.

The survey is one of four that will be carried out by Practice Plan this year as part of the continuing evolution of the Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey which has been running since 2014.

Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director of Practice Plan, said, “It was clear from our previous survey that mental health is a huge concern for the profession, with the majority of both NHS and private dentists – although the latter was to a lesser degree – saying that their role negatively affects their mental health.

“This was incredibly sad although probably unsurprising to most of us who are involved with dentistry, which in itself is a sad indictment.

“We have launched the new Spotlight On Mental Health survey to zero in on this troubling issue and add to the weight of evidence that will hopefully spur the powers that be into action.

“We know dentists are incredibly busy which is why we have created something that can be answered in two minutes, but with space for people to give larger answers for the things that they may feel strongly about.”

The Spotlight On Mental Health survey launched on Thursday February 27th and can be filled in by visiting here:

Practice Plan will be running four surveys, narrowing in on important topics within dentistry throughout the year, rather than one big Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey. The results of all the surveys will be collated at the end of the year to create a report into the state of the profession in 2020.

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