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  Posted by: The Probe      24th March 2020

More than two centuries of experience have culminated in the new improved Wisdom Clean Between Pro Rubber Interdental Brushes, which offer an effective oral hygiene solution for many patients.


Prevention has become a fundamental part of dentistry today. Despite exceptional advancements in dental techniques, materials and technologies leading to outstanding treatment outcomes, the best thing for the patient is always going to be preservation of their natural dentition.

And what better way is there to prevent oral disease than for patients to establish and maintain an effective home hygiene routine? This will encourage them to take responsibility for their oral health and maintain standards as well as they can between dental appointments and professional cleanings. It will also help them to avoid oral health problems like caries and gingivitis, promoting long-term health while saving them the time, hassle and cost of undergoing dental treatment in the future.

However, patient education is crucial if we are to help patients implement an effective oral health regime. A 2019 survey[i] found that only 27% of respondents cleaned between their teeth at least once a day, while 33% never cleaned interdentally. This is somewhat alarming given that caries rates have been shown to be highest on approximal surfaces.[ii] As such, emphasis should be placed on interdental cleaning when reviewing home care routines with every patient.

Professionals should discuss what patients do and how they do it, as an effective technique is important for achieving good results. They should also consider the frequency of oral hygiene routines and patients should be encouraged to employ only tried and tested products. By working with solutions from Wisdom Toothbrushes, for example, your patients can benefit from some of the highest quality materials and product designs in the market.

New generation solutions

From the latest generation of products from Wisdom Toothbrushes comes the Wisdom Clean Between Pro Rubber Interdental Brushes. These build on the success of the highly popular current design to offer even more benefits to patients.

They feature a uniquely curved profile that makes it easier to access all areas of the mouth. The broader thumbgrip further improves ergonomics and promotes patient comfort during use. The strong, flexible stem also affords enhanced durability for an effective clean and a long-lasting product that patients will love. In addition, the robust, rubber-like tip with brush-like filaments gently but effectively sweeps away plaque, bacteria and food debris from between the teeth.

Improving oral health

The new improved Wisdom Clean Between Pro Rubber Interdental Brushes are clinically proven[iii] to reduce plaque and gingival bleeding, and make it even easier to clean interdentally. This makes them an ideal adjunctive product for all patients, especially those who need to improve their periodontal condition. They are also ideal for patients with crowns and bridges, orthodontic appliances or dental implants.

These extremely versatile interdental cleaning aids are wire- and latex-free and are perfect for anyone who has previously found wire interdental brushes difficult or uncomfortable to use. They are available in packs of 30 and come in the same three sizes as the previous brushes – small, medium and large. For added convenience, the Wisdom Clean Between Pro Interdental Brushes even come with a detachable transparent case that makes storage and travelling easier and more hygienic.

Alternative adjuncts

Appreciating that all patients are different, Wisdom Toothbrushes offers an array of alternative solutions to suit different interdental cleaning needs. These include the Wisdom Pro-flex Wire Interdental Brushes with a unique flexible hinge and curved profile making it easier for patients to access different areas of the mouth. The coated wire promotes patient comfort and the innovative design helps to minimise wire breakage for longer lasting performance.

Wisdom’s comprehensive portfolio of products also includes the Wisdom Clean Between Easy Slide Tensioning Flossers with PTFE tape. The easy grip handle makes these perfect for those patients with reduced dexterity. The flossers also feature the innovative Waveform Tension Control System, which holds the tape taut to enable smooth movement between the teeth for a less traumatic but still highly effective clean.

Work with the No. 1

With more than 235 years of experience in the development of oral healthcare products, Wisdom Toothbrushes remains a leading supplier of high-quality oral hygiene products. In fact, it is the UK’s No. 1 selling rubber interdental brush brand. [iv]

So, if your patients need a little help at home to prevent dental problems, put your trust in Wisdom Toothbrushes. The Wisdom Clean Between Pro Interdental Brushes are top of the class for a reason and they will quickly help your patients to benefit from cleaner, healthier mouths. Encourage your patients to ‘go pro’ with their preventive routines with Wisdom.


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