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  Posted by: The Probe      4th March 2020

“I was motivated to invest in a pair of EyeMag Pro F dental loupes and the EyeMag Light II upon recommendations from friends who have used these products and were kind enough to let me try them,” says Dr Manoj Brahmbhatt.

“The features I like most about the loupes are the quality of the image it provides, its flip-up design and overall sturdiness. The EyeMag Light II is fantastic and makes working far easier, providing excellent value for money. Having superior vision and illumination reduces the stress on my neck and back, meaning I can perform tasks faster, more efficiently and to a much higher standard.

“John Woods is brilliant – he was more than happy to visit me at work to demonstrate the products and discuss what would be best suited to my needs. The EyeMag Pro loupes are an outstanding product, and Nuview’s before- and after-sales care has been excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Nuview to other dentists.”


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