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  Posted by: The Probe      30th March 2020

Dr Sean Power comments on the industry-leading ClearCorrect aligner system from the Straumann Group:

“ClearCorrect is easy to use and delivers great results. Uploading cases through the online portal is straightforward, and the 3D treatment set-up you receive is simple to view. This set-up is fully interactive, which enables you to carefully review the types of movements being proposed before proceeding with aligner manufacture. It’s easy to communicate with the technicians if alterations are required.

“In addition, I like the extended trim line over the gingiva, which is evidence-supported to boost the retention of the aligner. This, in turn, reduces the need for engagers (attachments). Patients appreciate this and it benefits me with reduced surgery time spent placing engagers.

“The Straumann Group has always had a reputation for quality in the implant field. As such, I’m sure when they took over ClearCorrect in 2017, they did so with belief in the product. For me, this further confirmed the quality of the system itself.”

To find out more about this and the many other features available, contact the Straumann Group today.


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