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Choosing the right dental implant laboratory for you

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  Posted by: The Probe      13th March 2020

Dental implantology has boomed in popularity throughout the last few years. As dental implant designs become more sophisticated and the treatment becomes a more commonplace option for patients, it’s little surprise that more and more professionals are starting to offer this life-changing surgery.

However, it’s not as simple as just finding your preferred dental implant system(s). It’s important to consider the capabilities of the dental laboratory you work with, and whether it is well equipped to create suitable abutments and prosthetics to complement your chosen implant components.

 Can your laboratory cope with variety?

With the dental implant market booming, it’s perhaps to be expected that so many implant systems now exist, all claiming to offer different benefits. Inevitably, professionals may want to explore more than one implant system, but this can cause some problems with certain dental laboratories if they do not have the resources available to cope with the different design demands.

As such, it’s a good idea to enquire with potential dental laboratories and see if they can work with an array of implant designs and software. Most labs should be versatile, but that isn’t a guarantee. It’s always better to communicate and find out, especially as you don’t want to waste time before looking for an alternative laboratory if your first choice cannot help you.

 A quality product

Of course, as with every product provided by a dental lab, quality is of utmost importance. For prosthetics used with dental implants there is almost an extra pressure for perfection, as these items are not as easily replaced should they go wrong, which can be a traumatic process for the patient.

For example, say a patient has just had an implant supported bridge fitted, and then this chips after a short time in situ. This is likely to make the patient feel angry, especially as dental implant placement can be a quite serious surgery. As such, it’s very important to evaluate the quality processes within the laboratory you work with.

Do they have regular quality checks? Do they have a dedicated selection of technicians who specifically work on implant prostheses? These are likely to be good indicators of quality. Another great indicator is a DAMAS accreditation. This is only granted to laboratories that can consistently prove that their products are of exceptional quality, and, as such, laboratories with this accolade are likely to list it on their website/ social media channels as a reliable mark of excellence.

Case planning and communication

You’ll be aware that dental implant cases are often very unique and require a lot of planning. Consequently, communication and shared case planning between laboratory and practice is essential in order to achieve optimal outcomes.

Some laboratories will not have the knowledge available to provide this support, and this is can quickly become detrimental. Furthermore, it’s important to see how easy it is to get in touch and speak to the right people at the laboratory you work with. Implant cases can often require multiple corrections and changes, so your chosen laboratory has to receive up to date information as it occurs and be able to discuss implementing this into the design. Does the lab have a dedicated team who have the necessary knowledge to give you the best case advice possible and make suggestions? This more collaborative approach is a fantastic way to ensure that your patients receive a finished prosthesis that is perfect for their needs, first time.

Time is of the essence

In the modern dental practice, time is more important than ever. That’s why, when considering a dental implant laboratory, you need to assess whether it is able to deliver products in the time-frame that suits you.

Look at the options they have available for delivery in your area. Does it have an express turnaround service available for when you need things fast? Perhaps it has some other benefits like free delivery on standard orders, or even extended guarantees on products in case something goes wrong. These are worth more than their weight in gold, especially if you run a tight schedule and have a very busy patient list.

 An innovative option

CosTech Dental Laboratory offers all of these benefits and many more. With its own elite team of implant technicians, CosTech can offer the guidance and support that professionals need to ensure that every case achieves exceptional outcomes. Able to work with any implant system and offering a wide variety of prosthetics to suit any indication, CosTech also has a fantastic array of delivery options and other benefits that ensure the laboratory can always deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.


For more information about CosTech Dental Laboratory, please visit or call 01474 320076

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