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Colgate and ODRT celebrate DCP Research Awardees


  Posted by: The Probe      3rd February 2020

A celebratory luncheon for the 2019 recipients of the Robin Davies DCP Awards took place at Chandos House, London, attended by leaders in dentistry from across the UK.

These awards, unique to DCPs, are offered via a partnership between The Oral and Dental Research Trust (ODRT) and Colgate®. They are offered for research conducted by dental care professionals to support investigations of clinical relevance, particularly in the field of preventive care.

The Keynote speaker, Donna Holden MBE, Postgraduate Dental Dean – Health Education England Northwest said “As a DCP, a former recipient of this award and as the first non-dentist Postgraduate Dental Dean I was delighted for the invitation to speak and proud to be associated with these awards which helped with my own career development.” Donna talked about the evolving role of DCPs, shared her vision for the workforce of the future and invited DCPs to explore research opportunities stating, “you don’t know where it might take you!”      

Professor Nairn Wilson, ODRT Trustee invited the 2019 awardees to outline their winning proposals:

Laura Brady, Dental Therapist

Laura is investigating the acceptability and implementation of digital photography to inform and motivate patients in NHS dental practice. Laura said the Robin Davies Award will enable her to improve her knowledge and skills in protocol development, understand the processes involved in research in a multi-site team-based project and be part of a journey that takes research from idea generation to actual impact on a larger scale.

Louise Belfield, Dental Nurse

Louise is investigating periodontal disease and angiogenesis: identifying a modifiable risk factor for oral cancer. Louise shared that the Robin Davies Award will allow her to use her full skill set as a DCP and scientist to conduct research along all stages of a transitional project. It will also allow her to gather laboratory data, concurrently building a track record of project management and student supervision, to build towards a clinical project proposal.   

Janani Sivabalan, Dual qualified Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist

Janani is investigating a pilot project to assess the acceptability and effectiveness of a dental walk-in clinic for homeless people at the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy. Janani mentioned the Robin Davies Award will offer the possibility to provide a service for socially disadvantaged groups with potential to further understand the impact of this dental health intervention on the Quality of Life for homeless people in Portsmouth.

Samantha Glover, Dental Nurse

Samantha was unable to attend so her award was accepted by her supervisor Linda Hillman. Samantha is investigating the identification of barriers to dental care for adults living with dementia in residential care. Samantha stated that the Robin Davies Award will allow her to explore the issues around oral health and dental access for those living in care homes. It will also enable her to draw some conclusions and recommendations that could be used to improve daily oral health routines and improve access to dentistry.      

Professor Wilson commented “All awardees have shown great professionalism and justifiable success with their fantastic award submissions. The Robin Davies awards are unique globally in providing research support for DCPs and this luncheon is a wonderful opportunity to recognise research designed and delivered by DCPs. As a trustee of the ODRT it is an honour and a privilege to come together with  Drs Lone Lenes and Emanuele Cotroneo from Colgate® Scientific Affairs to celebrate the success of the 2019 awardees.”

Please visit to apply for the Robin Davies DCP Awards 2020, by 7th February 2020.

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