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  Posted by: The Probe      1st January 2020

Discover the complete range of composite instruments in the LM-Arte portfolio today. Globally trusted for its quality, efficacy and ease of use, and approved by Style Italiano, the portfolio includes:

LM-Arte Applica – a very thin and flexible spatula designed for transporting and aesthetically modelling composite.

LM-Arte Modella – a thin but wide spatula suited to flattening composite on large tooth surfaces.

LM-Arte Condensa – a long, round plugger with angulated shanks designed to improve access to all cavities.

LM-Arte Misura/Posterior Misura – designed to measure horizontal and vertical thicknesses of composite layers on anterior/posterior restorations.

LM-Atre Fissura – the sharp, pointed tip is ideal for sculpting and modelling fissures and mamelons.

LM-Arte Eccesso – developed for the removal of composite and bonding residue.

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