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MDDUS urges transparency as GDC introduces fitness to practice review


  Posted by: The Probe      27th January 2020

Dental indemnifier MDDUS has welcomed the focus on developing measures that ensure fitness to practice in the General Dental Council’s detailed work programme for 2020.

Chris Kenny, CEO of MDDUS, said: “It’s encouraging to see the GDC commit to developing their evidence-based, quality assurance approach to ensuring fitness to practice in dentistry.

“Their work programme for 2020 outlines a clutch of reviews and programme development initiatives in this area. We’d urge the GDC to ensure these are developed as transparently and consistently as possible and give priority to ensuring the earliest possible disposal of the many unjustified cases raised with them.

“We are keen to see the GDC maintain the momentum already achieved with the various operational improvements they already have in hand, whilst pursuing the bigger picture projects outlined in the plan.”

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