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Know your options for selling a practice

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  Posted by: The Probe      3rd January 2020

Dr Nat Chamberlain recently sold his dental practice with Dental Elite and said:

“I worked with Ted Johnson, who was amazing. He was very professional but his support went much further than this. He understood what I wanted to achieve and pointed me in the right direction. He provided reassurance and helped me make sure I was doing the right thing for me. He was able to get an offer above the valuation price, which was fantastic.  

“I didn’t realise that the kind of model I entered into even existed in dentistry. My advice for others would therefore be if you know what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask for it. There may be selling options you are currently not aware of.

“So far, this has been the best thing I could possibly have done, both in terms of my professional and personal life.”

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