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  Posted by: The Probe      12th January 2020

Dr Sami Butt is the owner and principal dentist at S3 Dental in Haywards Heath. He believes in using the latest technology and materials to deliver dentistry and recently created removable partial dentures using Ultaire® AKP. He said:

“I have gone exclusively digital and Ultaire® AKP integrates perfectly with my workflow. The ability to scan and send the case is a huge bonus and it saves my patients time and visits.

“Patients want aesthetic dentures with an excellent fit. Due to the accuracy I am able to achieve with Ultaire® AKP, I have found that there are less remakes. Plus, it is incredibly easy to adjust if necessary.

“Some patients have reactions to metal dentures and Ultaire® AKP provides a biocompatible, metal-free alternative.” 

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